VAX 6131 three in one Multivax Cleaner

A Review of the best value, multi-function Cleaner

Made by VAX for dry vacuuming, carpet & upholstery cleaning.

Hi visitor,  I have completed a detailed review of the VAX 6131 - three in one Multivax cleaner  and cover the following topics :-

Why did I need a multi purpose cleaner?

I have a car sales business so I was looking for a cleaner which I could clean the interiors of the cars, which included seats, carpets along with the head-lining and had to meet the following criteria:-

If you have done your research on the various cleaners out there, then if you are like me it can be quite bewildering with the number of choices of combination cleaning machines. In the end I chose the VAX 6131 three in one cleaner.

What Comes With The VAX 6131 Cleaner?

The VAX 6131 multivax cleaner comes with a wide selection of cleaning tools and accessories. Whatever the cleaning task in hand weather dry vacuuming, carpet cleaning or upholstery cleaning, the VAX 6131 multivax cleaner has a tool perfect for completing the cleaning task in an efficient & professional manner. The list of these tools and components is set out below.

Using The VAX 6131 For Dry Vacuuming

In order to use the VAX 6131 multivax cleaner in dry mode it is a simple case of the following procedure:-

  1. Remove motor / pump head
  2. Remove clean water tank
  3. Slide vacuum bag into front slot of bottom canister
  4. Fit flexible hose to canister
  5. Fit filter housing
  6. Re-fit motor / pump housing
  7. Plug in the VAX 6131 multivax cleaner and turn on only the vacuum motor

This Vauxhall Zafera was  main reason for investing in the VAX 6131 multi-cleaner as it had been used by a smoker. As a result the upholstery & headlining were desperately needing a good clean (see the results later)

Vacuum / waste water tank

Motor / Pump Housing

Filter Housing

Clean Water Tank

Complete set of tools that come with the VAX 6131 multivax cleaner

Slot vacuum bag into front of canister of multivax

Filter Housing in place

Using The VAX 6131 Multivax Cleaner As Wet Cleaner For Upholstery Cleaning And Carpet Cleaning

I liked the way that the VAX 6131 multivax cleaner is easy to convert from the dry vacuum cleaner to the wet upholstery / carpet cleaner.

It is best to dry vacuum the surface to be cleaned first to remove as much of the soiling as possible, this makes it easier for the multivax cleaner to do its’ job and leaves less sludge in the dirty water tank.

Set up the VAX multivax by using  the following procedure:-

Dirty water from the waste water tank

VAX 6131 Multivax cleaner set up for cleaning upholstery

How Much Water will I Need to complete my cleaning job?

Two examples of cleaning jobs I have that I have tried the VAX 6131 multivax cleaner on are the Vauxhaul Zafera seven seat estate car and a sofa set comprising of a large three seater and a two seater with foot stool.

I was pleased with the way that the Zafera turned out, I cleaned all seven seats, carpets and headlining - this used approx seven litres of clean water / cleaning fluid mix

The sofas came up really good using approx four litres clean water / cleaning fluid mix. The VAX 6131 multivax cleaner left the surface only slightly damp which was totally dry within an hour.

I would definitely award the VAX 6131 Multivax cleaner Five Stars for build quality, supplied accessories, ease of use, value for money

* I recently had an enquiry about the Vax 6131 Multivax cleaner from Malcolm Johnstone from Ashford, Kent ; Malcolm asked “ can the multivax give professional cleaning results on a carpet as I need my downstairs carpets cleaned and I’ve had a quote from a local  cleaning company for £150, I think that I could use the vax multicleaner for this purpose myself.”

My reply to Malcolm is that yes for sure, the vax 6131 multi cleaner does just as the review says. I have used the vax multi cleaner for carpets and it certainly pulls the grime out of the carpet when you clean it. I suggest that you dry vacuum the carpet first then change the vax cleaner over to wet use. Use the carpet cleaning head on the extension tubes  expect to use approx  six litres of water/ cleaning fluid mix for a carpet of 16 square metres. Not only will you save money on the initial cleaning job but you will be able to use the vax cleaner for all kinds of cleaning jobs. - If you want to do the stair carpet then use the upholstery attachment.

Carpet cleaning tool

Extension Tubes

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